Western Reserve Brewing

Brewers and bottlers of craft beer proudly made by and for the people of Northern Ohio.


Building The Brewery

buildout1.jpg (45521 bytes)
This is what the inside of our building looked like before we began work.  Previously it was an armored-car warehouse.
buildout2.jpg (60104 bytes)
Installing new drain lines.
buildout3.jpg (49652 bytes)
Grading the pad under the brewhouse.
buildout4.jpg (44856 bytes)
These guys are trying to open a door to the vault -- now our cooler.  This was the coin vault for the armored-car guys -- it's 12" thick reinforced concrete.
install1.jpg (66111 bytes)
The brewing equipment arrives on 3 flatbed trucks.  The first time we saw these trucks it felt like Christmas morning!
install2.jpg (55197 bytes)
This is David Bell, our installer from JVNW.   He oversaw placement and installation of the equipment.  (And did a damn fine job!)
install3.jpg (62715 bytes)
Tipping the tanks upright, prior to final placement.
install4.jpg (67193 bytes)
"Hey, I've got an idea.  Let's build a brewery!"

construct.gif (2977 bytes)
(under construction, more pics coming soon....)

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